Why am I charging these rates?

Last year I spent about 9 hours helping a client who then received a perfect score for a >$1M R01.

If I had charged her even at the $1000/hr rate, that is 0.9% of the total grant. There is almost nowhere else in the world that you can get that kind of return.

In fact, even if we assume that my help only yields a success rate of 1 in 3 proposals (it is probably closer to 1 in 2), then we multiply the $9,000 by 3, for a total cost of $27,000 per grant awarded. That’s 2.7% of a million dollar award. Again, that’s an incredible rate of return! Your home mortgage is probably at least twice that rate, annually.

(And, usually my feedback takes far less than 9 hours of time, more like 3-4 hours).

I am not a discount/budget service. I am the only active scientist in the world who has a very strong track record, and who is willing to teach colleagues how to write grants more effectively. Every other person who is successful at this keeps it to themselves (why would they teach a competitor how to do better?? I decided that if I’m going to teach competitors how to do it better, they’re going to make it worth my time, otherwise I’ll keep it to myself.)

I am passionate about helping people get their great ideas funded, but if the consulting isn’t right for you, why not just start with requesting a free strategy session and go from there?”