Our Mission: Help you develop the skills necessary to secure funding and feel more confident in your grant writing abilities

 The Grant Foundry believes that scientific research is a crucial step in solving almost every problem that faces society today. Scientists contribute to society by curing disease, educating people, and solving environmental and social problems. Great science makes the world a better place!

The Grant Foundry is a program created by Morgan Giddings, Ph.D., designed to solve the problem of dwindling public support and excitement for scientific research. Rather than getting tangled in red tape trying to reform bureaucratic federal programs and academia, she decided to maximize her impact by helping others achieve the same level of respect and credibility that she has been grateful to experience. Because she has been so successful in helping others, she wants to help other grant writers learn how to identify their own hiccups in clarity while presenting their projects. 

If scientists can become better communicators, they will spend less time writing grants, and will spend more time doing the important stuff, like research and public outreach.

Our mission is to ensure the best science is being backed by the most compelling grants, because innovation and breakthroughs will reinvigorate society's love and support of science.