A Few Examples Of What We’ve Done For Others

  • Helped an individual turn a 52% grant score into a 1% perfect score
  • Helped an individual who previously had no funding be awarded two large research grants in a row.
  • Helped an individual earn Department of Energy funding – ultimately leading to their research center being featured in the Wall Street Journal
  • Helped an individual gain a faculty position at their preferred university after having applied to ~20 jobs with only a couple of interviews and no job offers.

A Few Of Morgan’s Personal Successes

  • Went from four personal grant rejections (prior to 2004) into having four R01’s funded in a row without a single rejection or revision since 2004
  • Earned a prestigious RC2 proposal for $1.6M (written in one week)
  • Recommended by NIH for funding worth $15M in 2010 (still pending)
  • Awarded a large competitive loan to open a bicycle shop

Course Testimonials

“It has helped me tremendously.”
Morgan, you have innovatively provided a wealth of knowledge to help advance the scientific community by providing a fantastic course in grantsmanship. I was trained to write manuscripts but had to learn grantsmanship through trial and error. Your course is solid advice, so clearly stated. It has helped me tremendously. THANK YOU!
Tara Alvarez, PhD, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, NJIT

“Very Helpful!”
I’m writing today to thank you for your guidance… When I signed up in March, I was in the situation where my first RO1 application had scored just outside the payline. I also had to reduce from 25 pages to 12 for the resubmission. I found the process of working through each module in your course very helpful and it certainly changed the way I was writing. I just heard today that my NIH re-submission has been funded, which is wonderful. I’m certain that your teaching and guidance contributed to this outcome. Thank you again, and best wishes.
Catriona Steele, PhD, Senior Fellow, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

“Just heard that we got the first of them [a large grant]!”
Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your advice over the past few months. We have five pending grants, with different agencies. Just heard that we got the first of them! And as I went through those grants they just got better and better b/c of your advice.
Robert Roach, PhD, UC Denver Altitude Research Center

Praise For Morgan’s Book – Four Steps To Funding

“I think it is Excellent!!!”
I started reading the book last night and had to force myself to stop and get some sleep. I got up early and finished it this morning. I think it is excellent!!! I’ve been to several “Grantsmanship” seminars and they were soooooo tedious and full of the same old, obvious “tips”. Your focus on psychology, marketing and getting into the mind of the reviewer in a lucid and entertaining way was fantastic. I’ve been brainstorming this morning on my upcoming grant, while reviewing what I highlighted in your book.
Tom O’Connell, PhD, Director, Hamner Center/UNC Metabolomics Facility

“Should be part of the on-boarding package for any new assistant professor”
Overall, an excellent piece of work, this should be part of the on-boarding package for any new assistant professor and required reading for every post-doc. You’ve explained this topic in a way that only someone who has had the experience of both success and failure can bring. This is very valuable to the reader.
Tom McNeill, PhD, Bioinformatics Scientist, Syngenta

“I’m having a blast!”
I am having a blast reading and reflecting on your manuscript! You are cooking with butane! I am just past one-third through and I love it!!!
Peter Drain, PhD, Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, University of Pittsburgh

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