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How to Significantly Improve your Proposal Writing With the Grant Foundry

Here's What To Do Next ....

Thanks for your interest in the Grant Foundry! You might be wondering if this program is for you?

Part of what makes Grant Foundry work is that the people who join are committed to working on their proposals during this intensive time, and that's why there are several steps to our application process. We want to ensure everyone knows what they are getting into at the beginning, and that's why we created this video for you.

The following video goes over How to Maximize Your Results in the Grant Foundry program!

It goes over the objectives of the program, what you need to bring to the program (physically and mentally), what you will get out of the program, and how it can even be fun to work on improving your grant skills! Seriously, people have said this was fun. 

After you review this video, you'll have the opportunity to take the next step toward becoming a part of Grant Foundry - a short interview call with one of our Grant Foundry coaches. Calls will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, so find some time to go through this video soon. 

After you’ve watched the video, if you wish to continue with your application, click the button below to pay a small deposit to hold your spot. We will contact you ASAP to schedule your short Interview Call with a grant foundry coach.

Please note – space in this program IS LIMITED due to coaching availability. While you are in the queue as an interested participant, significant delays in watching the video and scheduling a call could result in losing your space. Please take the time to complete these steps in the next 5 days.

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