What's Next in Your Grant Writing Journey

The Holy Grail of Grant Writing?

Schedule a Clarity Call To Get Clear on Your Next Steps  

On this call, we will talk to you about what your next goals are and how to want to get there. If one of our programs is right for you, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and get signed up. But don't worry, this is NOT a sales call. It will help you decide your next steps.

To preserve your timeliness discount for these programs, get on the call schedule by August 1, 2022

(call can occur after Aug 1 as long as it's scheduled before then)

Your Potential Program Options

Scifoundry Leadership Program

All-Around support for Grant Writing, Leadership, Productivity, Work-Life Balance and More
Gain clarity, vision, and authenticity to be a better research leader (even if you're just starting out)
Create more enjoyment and balance in your career
Connect to a community of research leaders who are growth oriented
Grant Support Calls for on-the-call feedback on your writing, story, and scientific premise
Get set up with a cohort of peers who are at a similar stage in the SciFoundry Leadership journey
Multiple ways to connect to our team; We're ready to support you through challenges and help you find solutions. 
We are there for you, through the ups and downs... we are your "shoulder to lean on," while helping you focus on proactive solutions to the challenges holding you back

Grant Foundry or Grant Foundry Guild

Intensive Grant Support 
Continue to get regular feedback on your proposals multiple times a month
Individual coach feedback and Group Feedback support
Limited Term (Grant Foundry) or Ongoing (Grant Foundry Guild)
Application process to find the right program for you

The world has a lot of uncertainty right now, but you can take better charge of the things you actually have control of, like your career progress, work-life balance, and your funding. That's our mission here at Scifoundry - to help you  create more certainty for yourself, by mastering critical skills and operating more from your authentic, core self, with leadership and vision.

If you're interested in continuing your journey with us, sign up for a call now to figure out what step is best for you.

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