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Hosted by Dr. Morgan Giddings 

Dr. Morgan Giddings brought in over $20M in funded proposals as a Tenured Professor before leaving academia to focus on training and coaching. She is now an author, speaker, creator and coach working to advance personal and professional development among scientists and researchers worldwide.

Here's what you'll learn:

The Art of Framing

No matter how great your science is, if you can't present it to funders in an exciting and easily digestible way, you'll leave them confused at best and against you at worst. We'll teach you all about framing, including how to avoid the funding killing frame clash. 

Why Consideration of Your
Reviewer Matters

Reviewers are people too, and busy ones at that. Writing with your reviewers' humanity in mind gives you the opportunity to stand out, intrigue, and excite them. If your writing is confusing, arbitrary, or just plain boring your project is just another eyesore in the stack of proposals. 

Three Mistakes You're Making 

Funding seekers make a lot of mistakes when preparing their proposals, but these three things keep coming up - and they're killing your reviewers interest in your project and their trust in you as an authority. 

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