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The upcoming Grant Foundry Coaching Program will run from the week of March 8 through the week of June 13, 2021


For those at Level I (first timers in Grant Foundry Coaching), tuition will be similar to a regular Grant Foundry. For those at Level II and above, we will discuss your situation and time availability to help, in order to determine whether there is any tuition.

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Because this is a brand new program, we will discuss on our call other details of the program, making sure it's a good fit for both of us and that all your questions are answered.

Meet Morgan Giddings, PhD

Morgan Giddings started writing grant proposals in 1995 with a ghostwritten informatics proposal that was funded in the name of her PhD adviser. 

She continued that trend writing and receiving both a K22 Genome Scholar grant from the NIH and a small institutional grant as a postdoctoral researcher.  

After starting as a faculty member at UNC Chapel Hill, she started getting rejections, having failed to "up her game" to the level required for R01 funding. Two years of repeat rejections was enough to get her attention, so she sought serious help. 

From repeated ego crushing by her grant writing mentor, she hit her stride in 2003 with her first R01 funded, on the first round of submission, followed in subsequent years by three more R01's funded without any further rejections or revisions. 

In addition, she wrote a successful "Grand Opportunities" (RC2) grant in 2009 worth over $2.1M in funding, and co-wrote a successful U24 in 2010, worth over $10M. All told, she directly participated in bringing in over $23M in funding by the time she was two years into her Associate Professorship at UNC Chapel Hill.

In 2010 she began consulting with clients on their grant writing, and in 2011 established the Grant Foundry program to provide an intensive learning experience to translate what she had learned to clients that want more ease getting their research funded.  After running over 17 iterations of Grant Foundry, she's learned a thing or two about teaching others how to implement these crucial skills, and for the first time ever, ready to break down the thinking process she uses in both her own writing, and to help clients.

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