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Securing enough grant funding to keep your research program going can be a daunting task. If you’ve been around in this space for awhile, you have probably struggled with how to secure the funding you need while also doing the research you love. I’ve certainly seen that - both in my own career and many of the clients I have worked with.

By the time you’ve gotten to your level in academics, you’ve spent years studying and learning your science, but chances are, you haven’t spent much time really studying and learning how to PRESENT your science and ideas in a grant PROPOSAL. A proposal is much different from a paper - in it, you have to present future work, and convince others that this work is better to fund than the next proposal in the stack.

But how do you know if you need help with this? Let me ask you a few questions

- Have you submitted 4 or more proposals in the last 2 years that have NOT been funded ?

- Are you falling into what we call the "grant lottery" - writing lots of proposals just to see which of them will stick?

- Is grant writing something you dread, procrastinate, or would rather not be doing?

- After a rejection letter, are you wondering if you’ll ever “get it”? or worry about the future of your career?

- Do you feel like colleagues give you tips and suggestions that are hard to put into practice?

- Do you receive reviewer comments that seem to conflict with each other, or pick on small things that seem to miss the point of the proposal?

- Do you “fix” the proposal based on reviewer comments only to receive another rejection that highlights different “problems” with the proposal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I invite you to participate in the Grant Foundry 5-day Challenge, to connect your proposal idea to what your community wants, and express it in writing in a way that your reviewers love !

Here’s What We’re Doing

- In 5 days or less, learning the 4-Part “Critical Path” to Funding Framework for writing a persuasive and fundable proposal

- Implementing each step immediately during the challenge, using your active proposal

- Reducing funding stress by learning a repeatable proposal framework based on high scoring proposals

- Identifying why your work is important to the field, and how it provides a unique (and innovative) solution to problems your colleagues and reviewers care about.


- Figuring out exactly what your specific reviewer community WANTS - down to the study section or RFP you are submitting to

- Writing your research in a clear and concise way, using a step by step guide, that is more likely to produce the positive reviewer response you desire, and less likely to trigger responses leading to rejection

- Making your current proposal the best it can be while obtaining skills for every future proposal

Here’s How We’re Doing It

- A 5 Day Challenge to make progress every day towards a written proposal

- Each morning, Dr. Giddings will be Live to explain each part of the framework, and then provide an exercise for you to work on to implement it

- The exercise will walk you through how to implement each part of the framework in your own proposal

- Access the recordings of each live session plus the exercises for the full week

- Interact with your peers on a 24/7 community of other members doing the challenge with you.

- Additional bonuses and surprises will be added for those who make it to the end!

By the end of this 5 day, highly interactive challenge, you’ll have outlined all 4 parts of the Critical Path to funding for your specific proposal, have a clear framework to complete the proposal and have drafted words on the page to put it all into place.


Monday through Friday, July xx -xx

Additional Information

How Much Time Will it take each day

Each call takes approximately 90-120 minutes. There will also be daily homework that should take 1 hour to complete. So throughout the challenge, expect a 2-3 hour time investment per day.

What happens if I want to retire/drop out of the challenge?

One of the main advantages of the challenge being free, is that you can stop when you feel like it. However, only those who complete it will enjoy the bonus features at the end of the road. Don't miss your surprise.

How much is the challenge going to cost?

The challenge has no cost and everyone is welcome to participate as long as they are commited to it 

How Do I Access the content?

Everything takes place inside of a private online members site. You will get access to the group the week before the challenge begins. In the group we will host the live daily calls, upload the recordings, and post the workbooks/slides. Also, this is a great way to network with fellow challengers and help each other along the way!

How Long Do I Have Access?

For …. ?? You have unlimited access to the group. Once the Challenge is over we will remove all recordings and content from the group but you will still have full access to communicate and connect with other active members. If you would like to have on-demand access to the recordings, you can purchase access separately.

Meet Morgan Giddings, PhD

Morgan Giddings started writing grant proposals in 1995 with a ghostwritten informatics proposal that was funded in the name of her PhD adviser. 

She continued that trend writing and receiving both a K22 Genome Scholar grant from the NIH and a small institutional grant as a postdoctoral researcher.  

After starting as a faculty member at UNC Chapel Hill, she started getting rejections, having failed to "up her game" to the level required for R01 funding. Two years of repeat rejections was enough to get her attention, so she sought serious help. 

From repeated ego crushing by her grant writing mentor, she hit her stride in 2003 with her first R01 funded, on the first round of submission, followed in subsequent years by three more R01's funded without any further rejections or revisions. 

In addition, she wrote a successful "Grand Opportunities" (RC2) grant in 2009 worth over $2.1M in funding, and co-wrote a successful U24 in 2010, worth over $10M. All told, she directly participated in bringing in over $23M in funding by the time she was two years into her Associate Professorship at UNC Chapel Hill.

In 2010 she began consulting with clients on their grant writing, and in 2011 established the Grant Foundry program to provide an intensive learning experience to translate what she had learned to clients that want more ease getting their research funded.  After running over 17 iterations of Grant Foundry, she's learned a thing or two about teaching others how to implement these crucial skills, and for the first time ever, ready to break down the thinking process she uses in both her own writing, and to help clients.

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