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Live Writing Retreat August 3rd-5th, 2023

 Plus Online Video Lessons and Interactive Pre-Workshop Guidance from June 26th - August 5th, 2023

* Grant Foundry is offered several times a year. These dates are for the next upcoming workshop.

Securing enough grant funding to keep your research program going can be a daunting task.

If you're ready to spend less time writing proposals, and more time on the science you love, then read on...

The funding landscape is highly competitive, and securing the necessary grants often involves a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources. The difficulties of securing funding can be demoralizing and can have a significant impact on your research program and your career.

One of the most significant challenges researchers face is the constant pressure to secure funding. Without consistent funding, you cannot publish your research, train students, or secure lab space. The pressure to secure funding is not only emotionally draining but also affects your career progression. Without the necessary funding, you risk not receiving tenure or being able to progress in your career.

The grant writing process itself can also be a challenging and time-consuming experience. It can feel like a never-ending cycle of writing proposals, getting rejected, and then starting all over again. Writing a successful grant proposal requires a unique set of skills that take time and practice to develop. This process can be especially difficult because feedback on your proposal can take months, and even then, it may be critical and unhelpful.

It can become an all consuming beast, the search for funding, just to keep a research program going.

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Receiving rejection letters for grant proposals can be a demoralizing experience, leading to feelings of frustration and disappointment. The rejection can also be personal, making you feel like a failure. The pressure to secure funding can be overwhelming, leading to anxiety and stress.

The difficulties of grant writing can also lead to a lack of work-life balance. Researchers may feel like they are constantly working, trying to secure funding, and meet deadlines. This pressure can lead to burnout and may impact your ability to focus on other aspects of your life.

It's essential to recognize the challenges that researchers face when trying to secure funding for their research programs. These challenges can be overwhelming, and the impact of not securing funding can be significant. 

However, with the right tools and support, researchers can develop the necessary skills to secure funding and advance their research programs.

The Grant Foundry program offers a comprehensive approach to grant writing that can help you develop the skills necessary to secure funding and feel more confident in your grant writing abilities. By participating in the program, you can find a way to alleviate the pressure and stress of grant writing and get back to focusing on what you do best: great science.

Here are seven common obstacles researchers face when trying to secure funding:

1. A highly competitive funding landscape that can be demoralizing
2. A time-consuming grant writing process that takes you away from your research
3. A lengthy feedback loop that can leave you feeling uncertain about your proposal
4. Critical and unhelpful reviewer feedback that can be frustrating
5. The pressure to secure funding for career progression, which can be overwhelming
6. A lack of work-life balance due to the pressure to secure funding
7. The demoralizing experience of receiving rejection notices

But don't let these obstacles hold you back from achieving success in your research program.

With the right tools and support, you can develop the necessary skills to secure funding and take control of your career. There are solutions to help you overcome these challenges and pave the way for a brighter future.

That is exactly what I developed the Grant Foundry to do for you. It is designed to give both the knowledge of how to write much better proposals, and the practice and feedback over time to turn it into a repeatable skill that you can use for the rest of your career.

See you in the course, 

Morgan Giddings, PhD 

Creator of Grant Foundry


Here's what our clients have to say about us:

Lisann Gittner - PhD

"...it is totally true that my last RO1 was the easiest grant I have ever written and it was fun. Clarity changed the grant from work to flow. It took me 3 months to lock in the specific aims but then the grant kind of just flowed out of me so easily. I actually enjoyed it!" 

M. Lambros - PhD

"...after our discussion yesterday, I felt more optimistic about my proposal. In fact, your lessons and the help systems you've established... inspire, energize, and make me feel like I am not alone in this academic effort. I appreciate your work!" 

Ane Laugen - PhD

"Morgan Giddings' online grant writing courses have totally changed my views on grant writing; I now enjoy the process, and I am able to help my lab members improve their grants."


What We Are Doing

Not just a training workshop, here's what you will do in the Grant Foundry Workshop.

Reduce funding stress by learning and practicing a repeatable framework based on high scoring proposals
Learn the key concepts for writing a persuasive and fundable proposal and then implementing them immediately using your active proposal
Get feedback from both our coaching team and program peers on how you are doing so you aren't working in a vacuum
Make your current proposal the best it can be while obtaining skills for every future proposal
Solidify theory by immediate practical application and feedback on your own work.
Build your confidence and making grant writing more enjoyable! 

How We Are Doing It

When you join Grant Foundry, you get targeted training and direct and immediate writing help.

Live Writing Retreat - The heart of the program. The live retreat is designed to get you into an environment focused solely on your proposal, without distraction. At the retreat, we workshop your proposal, providing personalized attention and guidance you need to succeed. We provide guidance-You Write-We give you feedback as you go. This is not a training session (although you will get some training). It's designed for you to make progress on your writing.
Comprehensive Course Modules - Prior to the live retreat, we provide you with digestible chunks of content walk you through the key foundations of grant-writing to help you master the deeper framework of writing successful proposals. These modules include video lessons, exercises, and worksheets to help you maximize your results. 
Group Calls & Discussion - Wondering if you are on course? Join our coaches and the rest of the cohort on live calls to help you implement the training and learning from the course, in preparation for the workshop. Our group calls are designed to provide additional support and guidance, ensuring that you are fully prepared to maximize your results.
Online Community Access - Share ideas, give and receive peer feedback, get support, and network with fellow group members 24/7 in our exclusive, online Grant Foundry community.

Grow Your Momentum

The Grant Foundry Workshop

$6500 Tuition

Ongoing access to the Grant Foundry online modules

Live 2.5 writing retreat from August 3rd - 5th in Boise, ID

Interactive group calls to get started on your proposal pre-retreat - get direct feedback and discussion as you write

Access to a members-only online community to share ideas, give and get feedback with peer review, get support, and connect with fellow members

The entire Grant Foundry toolbox, including the Example Library in the course  

Dedicated support from our Grant Foundry coaches throughout the program

How To Learn More or Sign Up:

Grant Foundry is a small group where you work intensively with coaches.
To sign up or learn more about the program, schedule a strategy call with the button below.

Fill out the "Get to Know You" form so we have a starting point to discuss your funding challenges, and strategies to address them. If Grant Foundry is a good fit for you, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and enroll on the call.

NOTE: We use this strategy call process to ensure you are in the right place and will fully benefit from this intensive program before you spend your money on it! It also ensures a fully engaged group dynamic that will benefit everyone involved. But regardless of whether you join Grant Foundry, this call will be helpful for identifying strategies to improve. Sign Up Today. 

Your Questions Answered

Contact us using the form on the lower right of your screen, email us at [email protected], or call (208) 514 - 1639 and our friendly support staff will get back to you in 1 business day or less. 

Who should join?

To be a good fit for the Grant Foundry, you are probably:

• A highly-motivated researcher who is actively seeking a framework to increase proposal efficacy and funding chances

• An early faculty member who is ready to grow their project, but is experiencing funding stress and anxiety

• An early to mid career faculty member who has had some success with funding but would like to make the process easier, more efficient, and result in less rejections. 

• Open to seeking the support of experienced mentors to elevate your grant writing process and deepen your understanding of persuasive writing 

• Willing to be coached through feedback and suggestions with a desire to improve your writing skills and shift your perspective of what it takes to write a compelling proposal 

• Committed to investing the time it takes to develop the skills of grant writing

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, we offer a payment plans. We'll coordinate with you to get this setup upon course registration. 

How much time will this take?

We recommend having at least 5 hours/week set aside that you can use to spend on group calls, watching our video lessons, working on or thinking about different exercises and worksheets, and ultimately writing parts of your proposal! 

In order to get the most out of this workshop (or any workshop), you need to spend time applying the principles we teach to your live grant proposals. While this is going to be a substantial investment of time, it is unlikely to be more time than you already spend writing and submitting proposals via trial-and-error.

Can I pay with a purchase order or University funds?

We do accept university purchasing cards and purchase orders. We'll have you place a refundable $100 deposit to register for the course, and then work with us to complete your university payment.

What makes Grant Foundry different from other workshops?

Most of us are not unfamiliar with getting some sort of help with grant writing, and the structure of Grant Foundry allows us to address the "missing pieces" of other workshops. 

We don't use generic blueprints for proposal writing, but we do give you an entire toolbox to that enables you to draft your own unique blueprint - specific to your field, your audience, and your research. 

The longer duration of the Grant Foundry allows time for deeper integration of concepts and ideas coupled with iterative practice and feedback to help your grant writing progress move at a steady pace, without feeling overwhelmed by the task of implementing all at once. 

We understand that persuasive writing is considerably different from academic writing and some concepts can feel foreign or confusing, especially when they are being unloaded on you all at once. We break down complex theory into short, digestible bits spaced out and reinforced with practice exercises, iterations, and coach feedback. 

Is this going to work for me?

Investing in a grant writing course can bring up skeptical speculation: Is this going to work for me?

I've already tried grant writing workshops.

Do I really have the time for this? I need funding fast! 

We are confident that once you invest in gaining momentum towards grant writing mastery, you will find much more enjoyment in your writing process. While we can't guarantee funding, we can guarantee that your commitment will pay-off in ease, clarity, and a deeper understanding of how to write a grant proposal that gets your reviewer's attention. 

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